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Mailing Labels

Getting ready to send out your Christmas cards? (Here’s Michael Massie talking about why you should). You can use MasterVision to quick and easily create mailing labels for all your students.

First, open the Selector. You can click the “S” button from the toolbar or Tools > Selector from the menu.

On the Selector screen, you can set whatever criteria you want. You probably only want a label for Active students. Or, possibly, you want to send a card to any Prospect who inquired in the last month or so. Set the criteria who whomever you want.


Next, on the Output tab of the Selector, select the Mailing Label you want.


Click the green check mark button to create your labels. Voila! Instant mailing labels for the students you wanted.

A quick note about Avery labels: If you have a laser printer, you want to get the Avery 5160 labels. If you have an ink jet printer, you want to get the Avery 8160 labels. They’re the same layout and size, they are just made slightly different for the type of printer.