International Setup

By default, MasterVision is setup to use USA dates, addresses, and phone numbers. It’s easy to change this though so that MasterVision will work for countries outside the USA.

Select Tools > Options from the menu and go to the General tab. It looks like this:


Date Format: Change this to “Short” to use the date format you have in Windows (DD/MM/YYYY)

Phone Format: Erase the “999-999-9999” leaving this blank. You’ll then be able to enter phone numbers however you like (up to 20 characters)

Address Format: “City, State ZIP” is the default. You can change this to be “ZIP City State”. This changes how an address appears on a label or report – it doesn’t change the screens.

That should do it. If there are any international options that I missed, please let me know. I can customize MasterVision to work the way you need.

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