You’ll need to tell MasterVision about the rank structure you use in your school. You access the Rank form from the menu in MasterVision at File > Open > System Setup > Ranks (or double-click the Setup Ranks in the Getting Started form). It looks like this:


Name: Is just the name you want to give your rank.

Order: Is the numerical order this rank should be put in. So if White belt is your first rank, you put in a 1. If Yellow is your second rank, put in a 2. Simple enough. If you have multiple belt systems, just separate them numerically – for example: If you have kids’ belt and adult belts, the kids’ belts might be order 1-8 while the adult belts are order 10-22.

Lessons Required to Test for Next Rank: This is how many lessons a student has to take before he can take his next exam. If you set this, when you ask MasterVision who is ready to test, it can optionallyl exclude the people who have not had the required number of lessons. If you don’t care about this, just leave it at a 0.
Weeks until Next Test if Student: The next three entries determine when a student’s next exam will be when you’re recording the current exam. For example: if I’m currently a white belt and I pass my white belt exam making it to yellow, how many weeks will it be until I’m ready to take my yellow belt exam? Set this however your school does it. Maybe at the beginning, a student is ready for their next test in 4 weeks. Maybe at a higher rank, the next test wouldn’t be for 6 months (24 weeks). Quick explanation on the three fields:
  • Passes: If the student passes the current exam for this rank, when is their test for the next rank?
  • Fails: If the student fails the current exam, when would they retest for this rank?
  • No Show: If the student is a no show for the current exam, when would they retest for this rank? This might be the same as fails which is fine.

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