Phone Types

MasterVision allows you to have up to 3 phone numbers per student and each of these should have a “type” – home, work, etc. Rather than typing those names over and over, MasterVision let’s you enter them once and then just pick from a list.
1. From the Getting Started screen, double-click on Setup Phone Types. (You should see the Getting Started screen when you start MasterVision. If not, you can open it from the menu at Tools > Getting Started. Alternatively, on the student screen you can right-click the phone type field.)
2. This will open the phone setup screen that looks like this:
3. To add a New phone type, click the New button and then, in the grid, type in the phone type that you want. To enter more, click New again and enter in the grid. If you get one you don’t want (or a blank one), click on it in the grid and then click the Trashcan button to delete it.
Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What phone types should I enter?” That’s up to you. Maybe you’ll want Home, Work, and Cell phone types. Maybe you’re never going to call someone at work, so you’ll just have Home and Mobile. It’s completely up to you how you want them to read.  (Don’t include a “Mom” or “Parent” phone type – you set those up in Contacts, which we’ll cover later.)
Whatever you decide, enter those and then click the X in the upper-right corner to close the form. Your changes are saved automatically.
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