Growing Your Dojo -#2 Sales

(This is a series of blog posts following along with Michael Massie’s Growing Your Dojo series of emails and how MasterVision can help with each of the steps. You can sign-up for Mike’s daily email list here.) Let’s talk about Step #2:

Step #2 – Sales. Learning how to turn those leads into students, consistently. Often a skipped step, which leads to school owners wasting a lot of marketing dollars.

While MasterVision can’t make the sale for you, it can certainly help you be more successful at it. This previous post showed you how to use MasterVision to track your introductory lessons. That’s the important first step for you – actually track what is happening to your prospects – are they being called? is an intro appointment being scheduled? did the prospect show up? was a second intro appointment scheduled?

Once you’re doing that, MasterVision can measure your progress, and, as the old adage goes “what gets measured, gets done”. You can then use these MasterVision reports to see how you are doing. Run the Activity, Infocall History: By Inquiry Date report to see the prospects you got over a date range, whether they were called, had intro appointments, or eventually enrolled. Use this to make sure you’re following up with your prospects.

To help improve your sales, communication with the prospect is key. MasterVision quickly and easily lets you communicate with a prospect by email, text, or by creating mailing labels. Consider doing any of the following to let the prospect know you are excited to have them join your school:

  • Send a email/text/postcard thanking them for showing interest in your school
  • Send an email with a “Welcome to our School” PDF that highlights your school
  • Send an email answering frequently asked questions about their upcoming intro appointment
  • Send a text reminding them of their intro appointment and that you look forward to seeing them
  • Send a email/text thanking them for attending the intro
  • If they don’t enroll, send further communication to try and get them back for a second into

So to recap how you can improve sales:

  • Use MasterVision to track what you’re doing so that you stay on top of things
  • Use MasterVision to communicate with the client, put your marketing materials in their hand, and to build their excitement and interest
  • You teach a great introductory lesson when they come in

Do those things, your sales rate will increase, and you’ll have a more successful school.

Next: Using MasterVision To Increase Retention

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