Class Schedule

MasterVision needs to know about your class schedule. You can open the Class form from the menu at File > Open > Attendance > Classes (or double-click the Setup Classes in the Getting Started window). It looks like this:
Description: Is simply the name you give the class. It can be anything you want.
Day & Time: Are the day and time this class occurs.
Type: Is a list that you can setup to be whatever you want. It comes in handy later on when you’re running reports. To change this list, right-click it. You can then setup whatever types you want. But, Todd, you’re wondering “What types do I want?” Here are some ideas:
  • Maybe you have adult & child classes that you want to track separately? Setup a type of Adult and one of Child.
  • Maybe you have a Regular class and a Weapons class you want to track?
  • Perhaps you have multiple styles of martial arts and want to track them separately?
  • Maybe you just don’t care about that at all. That’s fine, leave it blank. You can always change it later if you want.

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