Before you can start entering attendance, you have to enter your students and setup your class schedule. With that done, you can start taking attendance. On the toolbar, click the button “A” button to take class attendance. The toolbar looks like this:


Clicking the A button opens the Attendance form:


Date: Today’s date has already been entered, but you can change it if you need to.
Class: The classes available for this date are shown here. If something is wrong, you can add/edit to the class list at File > Open > Attendance > Classes.
Instructors: Select the employee that is teaching the class. Employees are setup at File > Open > Employees.
Next you have to select the students that are attending this class. There are several ways to do it:
Enrolled: The Enrolled list gives you a list of students that you indicated should be in this class. You can double-click a name in the list to move the student to the attending side (and double-clicking on the attending side will move them back). A student will appear in this list if you selected this class for them on the Student form, Classes tab.
PIN: The PIN section will let you type in a PIN number to add a student Attending section. If you don’t know the PIN numbers (and you probably don’t), you can double-click the underlined “PIN” label to open the Quick Find form:
On the Quick Find form, you can lookup a student by First or Last name (just type in a couple letters, you don’t have to do the full name, then press enter). A list of matching students will come up. Double-click on the student you want put that student in that class.
Warning Messages: You may get a warning message as you add a student to the attending list. MasterVision warns you if their is a situation where you might now want that student attending class (expired contract, hasn’t attended in two weeks, has money due, etc.). You can just OK those error messages for now.
When you’re all done with Attendance, click the green checkmark to show that you are done. The attendance screen will close and you’ll get the option on whether or not to print the instructor’s report.
You can now start taking attendance for all of your classes.

2 thoughts on “Attendance

  1. is there an ability to do an online attendance if you are using a computer that doesn’t have the program installed? or can you install on multiple computer, but still have them sync together?


    1. Yes to both of those.

      There is an online portal that works with your existing MasterVision data. Currently, it let’s you look up student information and take attendance from any tablet/phone. You’ll find that at The help file has more information:

      Yes, you can install MasterVision on multiple computers. If you have a network at your school, you can install MasterVision on multiple computers and have them share the data. Information from the help file on that is here:

      Additionally, some schools like to work on the data in multiple places. They might be working on one computer at home early in the day and then take the data to the school computer in the evening. If that’s something you want to do, please contact me for some help in setting it up.


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