Growing Your Dojo – Step #0, Low Overhead

So let’s start looking at Mike Massie’s Growing Your Dojo and how MasterVision can help you with all these steps. Mike starts with step #0:

Step #0 – Setting your school up to be profitable from day one. This means low overhead, period. Probably the one thing that most often tanks small businesses before they get off the ground is starting with a lot of debt and overhead. Avoid both like the plague.

MasterVision can’t help you with your rent, but I can help you with the cost of software to run your school:

  • MasterVision $50/month x 12 months = $600
  • The other guys $177.25/month x 12 months = $2127

So MasterVision saves you $1,527 per year that you can put back in your business or into your pocket. If you are paying yourself $50,000 a year, you just got a 3% raise. After 5 years, you’ve saved $7,635. That’s the easiest $7,000 dollars you’ll ever make.

Next: How MasterVision helps track your prospects


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