Growing Your Dojo

Mike Massie’s latest topic for his daily email list is on Growing Your Dojo. He had a solid 5 step plan:

Step #0 – Setting your school up to be profitable from day one. This means low overhead, period.
Step #1 – Lead generation. Minimum 30 leads a month, generated from multiple sources
Step #2 – Sales. Learning how to turn those leads into students, consistently.
Step #3 – Retention. Keeping students around for the long haul.
Step #4 – Staff and Leadership Training – To grow your school, grow your staff
Step #5 – Profit Maximization – This consists of financial efficiency + added profit centers.
In the coming days, I’ll show you how MasterVision can help you with all those steps. In the meantime, I’d recommend you follow along with Mike’s daily email. You can subscribe to that here (the yellow ‘Click here for free MA Biz Tips!).

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