Reactivation Letter

On the 8th day of Christmas, Small Dojo Big Profits recommends you put together a reactivation letter to send to prospects that are no longer students. We already saw how to create mailing labels in MasterVision, let’s look at how we can create mailing labels for the reactivation letter.

There’s probably two groups of people you’d like to send these letters to – prospects who never joined your school and students who did join the school but are no longer attending. We’ll run the Selector twice, with different criteria, to get those mailing labels.

To get that list of prospects that never joined, you’d want to select Prospects and Open Prospects in MasterVision. Additionally, you probably want folks who recently inquired about joining your school. Your Selector ends up looking something like this:


To get the list of students who are no longer attending classes, you’d want the Inactive and Expired status on the first tab. Again, you probably want students that recently stopped attending classes rather than people who stopped attending four years ago. On the Attendance tab, set the Last Attended to the date range you want:


On the Output tab, set the output to Mailing Labels and you’re done! You’ve got mailing labels for a reactivation letter.

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