Message Templates

Last time we talked about the importance of student communication to show that you care. Creating individual emails and texts can be time consuming though. MasterVision, as you might have expected, has a way to make that easier for you.

In MasterVision you can create standard messages ahead of time and then when emailing or text, you can simply select one of this pre-created messages. You access the Message function from the menu at File > Open > System Setup > Messages. It looks like this:


Title: Is whatever name you want to give this message. The student does not see this.
Subject: Is the subject that will appear as the subject of the email. Subject is ignored when sending a text.
Body: The body of the email or what is actually sent for a text.

MasterVision can merge student information into both the Subject and Body of the message. You do this by using brackets [] and a field name. For example, to merge in the student’s first name, you simply include [stfname] in the subject or body. The help file gives you a list of all the merge fields you can use.

Here’s an example of a message you could email to a student to remind them about an upcoming exam:


When MasterVision emails this to a student, the student’s information is inserts into each of those [] merge fields. It would end up looking like:

Subject: Orange belt Exam Reminder!


Dear Anthony,
Just a reminder that your Orange belt exam is coming up on December 15th at 7 PM. You currently have 22 lessons towards that belt and will need 30 lessons to be eligible for the exam. Be sure to have enough classes come exam time!
We have your belt size as 00. Please let us know if you need a different size.
Looking forward to seeing you in class and at exam,
Your Instructor


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