Student Communication

In Michael Massie’s newsletter, he said this in regards to retention:

students want to know that you care about them and that you are invested in their progress

MasterVision gives you a number of ways to very easily stay in contact with your students. You can:

  • Email students
  • Text students
  • Create address labels for sending any type of mail

You can email and text a student directly from the student form:


If you use Microsoft Outlook, MasterVision will send the email directly though that. If you’re using Google Mail, it’ll copy the address to the clipboard for you.

Texting in MasterVision is handled through a service called Twilio. You’ll have to setup a Twilio account in MasterVision for that to work. I can help you get that setup.

In a future blog post, I’ll show you how to setup standard messages (eg: Birthday, missed you in class, reminders for upcoming exams) that let you quickly send a pre-built message to a student.

You can use the Selector in MasterVision to create address labels for mailings. Set the criteria you want and then, on the output tab, select the type of mailing label you want:


Use these options to stay in contact with your students. Let them know you care and you’ll see a increase in your retention.

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