Holiday Sales

The Holidays are right around the corner and many of you may be preparing for a holiday sale. Here’s how you can setup things in MasterVision to make that easy:

  1. Decide on your holiday discounts. MasterVision will support more than one.
  2. Open the Discount screen at File > Open > Point of Sale > Discount Type. It looks like this:
  3. Create any discounts you want. Give them a name, the percent amount, and make sure you leave Active checked. Close the discount screen to save those changes.
  4. Now, when you go to the Point of Sale screen, you’ll see those discount types. Important: Select the Discount first and then add the items to POS. The discount amount will be deducted from the items as you enter them. It’s possible to do different discount amounts for different items – just change the discount type before you add the next item. The screenshot belows shows a $15 backpack with a 15% discount applied.

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